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Here's something I've started doing I thought I would share.

I read that food banks are facing more people requesting aide while getting less support this year. Times are hard and people/businesses are tightening their belts.

I save a little every time I food shop using the "club card" or whatever they're called. At most places they tell you how much you saved when they swipe your card at check out. I've been donating at least half of that to the food bank via the scan thingies at the register. You know they hang there "give $1, $5, $10...". Some days (pay weeks) I give it all, others I give half.

Money's tight for everyone right now but I figure I can spare the $3 or so. Yes, it would go further if I gave directly to my local food bank, but how often will I do that? Maybe twice a year? I food shop once a week.

Just an idea I though I'd share.
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One of the lilac bushes I we put in over the week end is in bloom. The breeze tonight is just right so you can smell it when you open the back door. :-)

Just Today

Feb. 5th, 2007 06:23 pm
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Today was pretty good at clinic but mad busy in the afternoon. I'm going to see "Pan's Labyrinth" with Cubby in a bit. Just did the bottom of my prayer towers - with prayers! - and now I just have to put the to spires on when that dries and paint them. I'm feeling them, though the proportions are a little wonky.

Not much else going on. I'm a little blue because Mr Bear is going on a business trip tomorrow AM and won't be home until Friday. I'm excited about getting a rebate on my taxes (I was afraid I would have to pay because of taking money out of my IRA) and about school seeming to move fast this semester. I'm ready to graduate. ;-)

I don't have time to make the kids the space costumes I had wanted to for Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll make them for some other time but I thought they'd be fun with "Hope Your Valentine's day is OUT OF THIS WOLD" cards. The days seem to be flying by me lately.

Things I Am Grateful For
Having enough
Studio time
Good days at clinic
The unwarranted adoration of dogs
Seeing movies in the theater
Having already finished my take home test
Diet Coke
Taylor Ham
The word "Superfluous"
Rubber gloves
Colored paper
Glitter glue
Journals with smooth as silk paper
Fozzy Bear (Wakka Wakka!)

Paper towels tubes

Things I Want Today
Dots candy
Cashmere socks


Jan. 30th, 2007 04:43 pm
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Anyone feel like recommending a podcast?

I'm open to content but I'd rather it be audio only so I can listen while I tinker in the studio.

I'm going to start posting my Party To Do List and don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone who might turn up and cares about it being a surprise (me - I'm all about surprises ;-)). If you DON'T want to see my Pre Pary lists and stuff, let me know and I'll make a filter for it.
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Swan - The Magic Flute Swan - The Magic Flute
A small image of that fabulous swan from the Met's "The Magic Flute"
Viviene Westwood Men's Hat 2006 Viviene Westwood Men's Hat 2006
LOVE this felt hat

I'm going to Burning Man! I've always wanted to go and now I'm going with Kirby and his gang. I'm excited and nervous but I definitely going to go.
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It's Winter Restaurant Week.

Jan 22-26 and Jan 29-Feb 2
Three-course meal (excludes beverages, tax, and gratuity)
$24.07 for lunch
$35 for dinner

Got to Open Table and make a reservation. If you're looking for someplace that isn't on their list, call the place NOW before the reservations are gone.

I, Santa

Dec. 16th, 2006 08:35 pm
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That was the best way to get into the Holiday spirit I've ever had the good fortune to be a part of. They're still oout there, Santa knows where, but I had a blast. The people are fun, the costumes are hysterical and you haven't really experienced Christmas until you've sen the look on a kid's face when 300 Santas appear out of the Subway.

I'll post links to pics as I get them, but I'll totally do this again. Next time, I'll arrange to be able to drink and stay longer.
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Some random pre-Santacon thoughts
  • I finally get to use a flask! Granted, I don't even know if I'll drink but I've always thought flasks were cool.
  • There's something distinctly disconcerting about your Santa Suit being tight
  • Appropriately, I'm dropping off a freecycle thing to a kid on my way to the train station, dressed like Santa.
  • My Santa suit has no pockets, which makes carrying anything a challenge. My bag is pretty full of random stuff to give out and fishing my wallet and camera out is going to be weird.
  • Call me a purist, but I'm just ot OK with putting my flask in with the toys.
  • Who knew they make 100% proof peppermint schnapps?
  • My ability to sleep is inversely proportionate to the amount of activity the exciting event requires. Walking all day? I'll be wide awake at 5 AM.
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I finally framed the picture of Fay Wray Megan gave me for Christmas years ago. The Divine Ms. Wray autographed it to me. It's in the foyer powder room and it makes me happy every time I see it. I have this odd connection to Fay Wray that I can't explain but the fact that she signed this photo to me just feels so right.

I love art paper or fancy wrapping paper - especially when it has a texture. I got this wrapping paper for Mr Bear and the texture is like a raw silk with a raised dull gold pattern on it. I love the way it felt as I unrolled it and then folded it around the boxes. the sound paper makes when you crease has the same effect on me that the sound of rustling leaves does. It steals my focus.

I love the stack of finished and returned homework assignments I have at this point int he semester. The weight of it is reassuring. I did all that this semester and there's only a little left to add to this pile. The weight of these essays, quizzes and tests is so concrete. I love having something with heft that shows my progress and work.

I love wired ribbon. I love wrapping it around things and shaping the bow out of the ends. I love that it's so solid and that it maintains it's shape. It feels like it's helping.

I love podcasts - the ability to have these little lectures available at my whim.

Things I Am Grateful For
Mr Bear - I still marvel that we found each other
The time for myself I am able to horde
The quiet of autumn nights
Knowing I'm not what i'm wearing or what I own
Having enough
Commerce Bank - they rock
Metallic envelopes and cards with things glued to them
I'm ready for my final paper and sort of ready for finals
Music that makes me feel something other than what I am already feeling
Anything cranberry

Things I Want Today
A massage
Cranberry scented shampoo
A mohawk
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I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, if anything, but I'm hording them. There is a little pile of them accumulating in the "lab". I keep one by the computer so I can make PA announcements for Gypsy while I'm working on something. She likes that. [smirk]

not much else to say. I'm making mad headway on Christmas shopping for the kids and getting my final papers/projects done. they papers/projects are do a week from Monday. If I can do well enough on them, I can coast through finals. I won't but the knowledge that i could vastly reduces my stress.

My back hurts from wearing lead all day in the OR. I actually liked the OR, which is a change. I spent two days up there when I was at Perth (actually is was only three cases so it was about 5 hours total) and was bored. Brick is much busier.

OK, I'm going to finish gift wrapping before I head to work. I'm going to "hide" Cole's snowboard and just put a bow on it. I'm not that crazed with wrapping things.

I almost forgot to mention the Elvis Christmas Fabric I saw last night. I was tempted to buy some for kicks but was too disturbed by the fact that there was only about a yard left on the bolt.

A New Year

Oct. 23rd, 2006 09:54 pm
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This past year was "Shining Year" which was about my accepting and reveling in myself. It was all about not putting up road blocks in front of my dreams and making peace with where I am right now on the journey towards them. Stopping the self sabotage (I haven't completely mastered that but I've made progress) and not holding back.

I've been able to take my dreams seriously and to not sabotage them (well, not completely). I've stopped apologizing for the things I am good at or for trying to do well. What I'm not doing is giving myself over to my dreams and the small things that build them.

This will be the Year of Enthusiasms. I will follow my whims and give myself over to the seemingly random obsessions that hit me. I will encourage other people on their whims and tag along when it seems like it might be fun. "That's stupid" will no longer be allowed to pass my lips and will be chased from my head should it make an appearance. I will find the time for these things - especially the "unproductive" ones. I will revel in being bad at things that interest me and will not allow myself to be embarrassed about it or chastised to be "sensible". I've got 35 years of being "sensible" - I can handle a year of being less of it.


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