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I made these snowmen to use as gift tags but they didn't turn out well. I was going to throw them out last night but then I figured I'd play with them. Yes, again with the terrible scans. At least I replaced what I wrote by hand with readable text. My handwriting is bad but the scanner is worse!

I made a little book and just mailed it to Megan. I also made one about "Don the Loser Musician Snowman" and mailed that to Betsy, but I skipped scanning it as these looked so bad.

Terence the Lonely Snowman
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The kids waiting to get on line. The kids waiting to get on line.
Maddy, Kaylee, Mackenzie, Cole and I on the Toys-R-Us Ferris Wheel. January 2006 Maddy, Kaylee, Mackenzie, Cole and I on the Toys-R-Us Ferris Wheel. January 2006

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When I was in LA and broke, I made my ornaments because I hadn't brought any with me and couldn't afford any. I had a bunch of fabric scraps and I made these little stuffed bears. I didn't have a sewing machine so I hand sewed all of them. I had a little $10 Charlie Brown Tree and it was covered with these little stuffed bears with button eyes and I loved it. When it was time to get rid of the tree, I dragged it outside with the bears still on it. I planned on taking them off outside to cut my losses in terms of needles to vacuum up. A few of the kids in the building said they liked the bears so I took my favorite off and told them they could take whatever ones they wanted. The tree was bare in a few minutes. My plaid button eyed bear is on our tree now. It's a fond memory of the kids in my building and my time in LA.
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Christmas Card 2006

I finally mailed the last of our cards today (I had run out and then didn't get to them) so I figured it's time to send it out here. :-)

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My Aunt Jody was engaged to "Uncle" Tom for most of my childhood. He ran an auto body shop out of our garage. When we were little we would stage big wheel "accidents" and "tow" our vehicles to the shop where he would make a big production out of repairing them. That isn't the memory, but it gives you a perspective on how cool he is. For a few years, Uncle Tom took us to the Radio City Christmas Show and, occasionally, a ride in the horse drawn carriages in Central Park for Christmas, but to little me, the big thing was stopping at The Ground Round for dinner on the way home. They showed old cartoons and the wall and you ate all the popcorn you wanted before and during dinner and you were allowed to throw peanut shells on the floor. It was my favorite place and in, my little kid view, The Greatest Restaurant on Earth. Sadly, they all closed near us or would go again for Christmas.

I, Santa

Dec. 16th, 2006 08:35 pm
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That was the best way to get into the Holiday spirit I've ever had the good fortune to be a part of. They're still oout there, Santa knows where, but I had a blast. The people are fun, the costumes are hysterical and you haven't really experienced Christmas until you've sen the look on a kid's face when 300 Santas appear out of the Subway.

I'll post links to pics as I get them, but I'll totally do this again. Next time, I'll arrange to be able to drink and stay longer.
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Some random pre-Santacon thoughts
  • I finally get to use a flask! Granted, I don't even know if I'll drink but I've always thought flasks were cool.
  • There's something distinctly disconcerting about your Santa Suit being tight
  • Appropriately, I'm dropping off a freecycle thing to a kid on my way to the train station, dressed like Santa.
  • My Santa suit has no pockets, which makes carrying anything a challenge. My bag is pretty full of random stuff to give out and fishing my wallet and camera out is going to be weird.
  • Call me a purist, but I'm just ot OK with putting my flask in with the toys.
  • Who knew they make 100% proof peppermint schnapps?
  • My ability to sleep is inversely proportionate to the amount of activity the exciting event requires. Walking all day? I'll be wide awake at 5 AM.

Santa Suit

Dec. 15th, 2006 02:17 pm
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I just pulled out the Santa Suit for Santacon tomorrow. It was between the Bride of Frankenstein Wedding Lingerie and the Gladiator costumes. That cracks me up and I wanted to note where it was so i can look it up next year and compare for kicks. I still have to find the sack though....
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I came home from school after my morning class (yeah! the English paper is handed in!) because I started to not feel well. By the time I got home it was like someone was trying to dig their way out of my skull with a spork. After 4 hours of sleeping I feel a little better and figure I'd bang out some of the cookies that I have to send to rehearsal with Mr Bear on monday for the bake sale.

If I feel this way tomorrow, I'm going to stay home from clinic. I'm not nauseous or anything just really tired and anything over a certain volume is like a hammer on my temples. Is this a migraine? It really sucks.

In happier news, I'm making these double chocolate cookies but substituting 4 oz. of Ande's peppermint chip chips for the M&Ms you mix in. They're a little dry but they taste good so "go me".

Things I Am Grateful For
My head hurts a little less
Dimmer switches
Getting that English paper done and handed in
Having a day left to take off from clinic with out having to make it up
Mr Bear, who can always make me smile
Darla, she's the quiet dog that I still love, unlike that screaming drama queen Tessa ;-P
Everything peppermint
My slippats
Feather pillows
A comfortable sofa
Having enough
Unexpected phone calls from friends

Things I Want Today
To feel better
Glaceed cherries
A massage
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I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, if anything, but I'm hording them. There is a little pile of them accumulating in the "lab". I keep one by the computer so I can make PA announcements for Gypsy while I'm working on something. She likes that. [smirk]

not much else to say. I'm making mad headway on Christmas shopping for the kids and getting my final papers/projects done. they papers/projects are do a week from Monday. If I can do well enough on them, I can coast through finals. I won't but the knowledge that i could vastly reduces my stress.

My back hurts from wearing lead all day in the OR. I actually liked the OR, which is a change. I spent two days up there when I was at Perth (actually is was only three cases so it was about 5 hours total) and was bored. Brick is much busier.

OK, I'm going to finish gift wrapping before I head to work. I'm going to "hide" Cole's snowboard and just put a bow on it. I'm not that crazed with wrapping things.

I almost forgot to mention the Elvis Christmas Fabric I saw last night. I was tempted to buy some for kicks but was too disturbed by the fact that there was only about a yard left on the bolt.
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We took the kids to see the Tree in Rockefeller Center and then dinner followed by "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" on Saturday. Six and a half kids. At once. Two of the kids weren't feeling well and one of them started vomiting on the way home. You know I'm sick today with a head cold. Children are like petri dishes with legs. ;-)

The kids had a great time, as did Mr Bear and I. When we delivered the kids to their respective parents we were teased about not wanting kids anymore. I said we just didn't want 7 of them and then mentioned that we handed out goodie bags on the ride home so the kids were properly sugared up at 11 PM. Of course, their parents were hugely appreciative. [smirk]

Sunday I studied a little and spent a good deal of the day running errands and lying about the house. Since I wasn't feeling too great, I skimped on studying (an hour and a half in the morning) and took my chances on the Anatomy final this morning. I think I did OK. I got my grade on the lab final (83!) which was 20 points higher than I expected so I have a nice cushion for the lecture final exam's grade. :-)

So, now I'm a free man. :-)

I trimmed our tree and vegged on the sofa with Miss Darla and Miss Gypsy most of the afternoon. I'm still really congested but at least I'm not exhausted. Tomorrow is another stay at home and rest day then I've got some errands and stuff for Christmas.

I am relieved the semester is over and pretty proud of how well I did. The hope is that the confidence built in this semester makes me less frantic in the next. That and a lighter schedule. :-)

OK, time to throw some laundry in.

Things I Am Grateful For
Mr Bear
Curling ribbon
Having enough
Colored Christmas lights
Ornaments with memories attached
The big tree is gone :-)
Getting some free time and a few fun projects to work on
Halloween and A Half 2006 is taking shape

Things I Want Today
Good Hot Chocolate
New flannel pajamas
A puppet theater

Snow Day!

Dec. 9th, 2005 02:47 pm
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I had forgotten the pure joy of a snow day when you have a quiz scheduled. It could only be better if I hadn't studied for it.

I drove Mr. Bear to work this morning as the Mid Life Crisis Mobile isn't so hot in the snow. He had been giving me sassy warnings all morning (starting with not daring to go out to shovel with out him). My favorite was "Be careful of the ice - it's black, hard and frozen like your heart".

That's the love of my life. Lovely.

I've been making paper poinsettias between reviewing for next weeks exams. Mine are monochromatic dark red tissue paper (as crepe paper was scarce) with gold foil stamens. Those are going on the gold wrapped packages - I have two more to do.

I'm going to make some out of gold tissue paper for the plum wrapping papered gifts. The dark red and burgundy harlequin paper (with gold lines) will get gold ribbon and a few gold jingle bells. I'm doing them ahead and storing them in the guest bedroom so they won't get crushed or dusty. And they'll be out of the studio. ;-)

It's sort of annoying that the web site shows actual poinsettia instead of the paper ones and the picture in the magazine doesn't give much detail. I'm on the fence about them but Mr Bear likes them so I'm rolling with it. PLus I'm sort of colored into a corner with this paper. This year I buy wrapping paper and garnishes at the After Christmas Sale.

If you're thinking of crashing here before Christmas - expect to share the other bedroom with Darla and my clothes (in the closet). ;-P

I watched a great movie last night - "Big Eden". I'm usually wary of 'small town rallies behind a gay guy' movies as they're usually hokey and pretty shallow in terms of characters and plot. This was sweet and complex and pretty believable. I totally recommend it.

I also recently saw "The Place Promised in Our Early Days" which was unlike anything I've seen recently. It's an anime movie about a tower and the relationship of two boys and a girl. There's a lot of other things going on but it's really a sweet and nostalgic nod to the summers of youth. I recommend it if you're: OK with anime features, alternate universes and multi-sub plot narratives and you're hankering for something sweet and nostalgic in an off beat sort of way.

Yeah, I suck at movie reviews - watch them and see for yourself.

Ok, time to get some stuff done before I get dressed for "The Color Purple", the last of Mr Bear's birthday outings/gifts.

Things I Am grateful For
Mr Bear's weird sense of humor
Our snow blower
Cheerios - dry and out of the box
Having enough
Snow days
Chapter summaries from classmates
Christmas cookies
This might be a White Christmas :-)
Sausage, egg and cheese on a salt bagel
Being able to grab a little time here and there to do stuff I want to do
The kitchen blind is washed and dry and ready to re-hang (it was gross)

Things I Want Today
A massage
To get these stupid pine needles out of my finger tips
A nap in a hammock
Brownies (I might make some)
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OK, I put them out and with in two hours the wind had snapped the supports. They're now safely stowed in the garage to prevent any wandering/wind surfing. I was considering making the hole the supporting bamboo poles fit into longer to decrease the tension but that means buying an extra long drill bit I'll never use again, save to make more lawn decorations....

I also concocted some "hard candies" out of white plastic bowls and some colored cellophane from the dollar store. I want to make them look like they're piled in the urns by the door.

I'm off to Anatomy lab, to pretend I'm concentrating on dissecting a sheep's brain and not pondering how to get my gingerbread men to stay erect in the wind.

Yes, I realize this is becoming a little too consuming - perhaps edging toward mental illness. Weirder is that NO ONE on our block has decorated yet, but they always go berserk right after we put ours up (and we're late this year).

Holiday Zen

Dec. 1st, 2005 08:17 am
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First batch of cards are going in to the mail this morning. Mr Bear's list, which he "proofed" was littered with addresses I know are wrong and incomplete ones. It occurred to me as I started to get mad that I don't even know most of those people so it's stupid for me to get so worried that they won't get their card. Holiday Zen - check it out now people because it doesn't last.

I have two quizzes this morning. I studied but I'm not feeling very sure about them. No biggie, I can afford the lower grades, average wise. :-) Jeez, I love not needing to ace the tail end of the semester.

Ok, off to school.

Things I Am Grateful For
Mr Bear's using Tivo to make any tv show a game - "Who do you think will get kicked off?...Who do you think THEY are?"
Checking things off my list
A warm bed with a hot bear
Having enough
Not taking the sincere criticism/concerns of the ignorant too seriously (they mean well but know not of which they speak)
Index Card Flash Cards
Our bath tub

Things I Want Today
For the semester to be over
Two days off with no commitments
A cashmere hooded "sweatshirt"
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There was a loud "ping" last night - the spring to the garage door broke. Now I have to get a new one and replace it. If you haven't done this before it sucks. At least it's on my side of the garage so it's not something that has to be done right away. I only park indoors when it snows. Besides that side is currently full of sheet rock.

I'm feeling productive but harried today. I painted the details on the gingerbread men. I'd like to give the buttons one more coat of red enamel, which means they'll be ready to be put out on Friday. :-)

Our cards should be here today, Heaven willing they'll be right this time and I can get them addressed.

I have homework to do but I'm going to clean up the studio instead and maybe wrap some of the gifts Mr Bear bought on Friday. That will go a long way to ease my feeling so out of control.

This morning I woke up about 4 AM with a stomach ache - more than likely it was the spicy Chinese food. I've ben eating junk for weeks and my body is starting to rebel. Good for it, maybe it'll prompt me to get back to eating well.

OK, time to turn up the stereo and clean/wrap. :-)

to do list )

Things I Am Grateful For
Mr Bear comes home tonight
My GPA is such that i don't have to freak out about finals/the end of the semester (yeah for me working hard in the beginning)
Having enough
Diet Coke with Lime
Dog snores
Dance music
That my niece gets excited when she realizes it's me on the phone
The blessed life I have

Things I Want Today
A few more hours of "free time" to catch up
The semester to just be over already
A massage
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Somehow I can bake all day for two days and still be short a dozen cookies. I know part of it is because I make my cookies on the big size and the other is that I tend to make things with multiple steps. But jeez....

The oatmeal raisin cookies taste good but don't look so hot. I may re-bake them or make something else in their place. I'm actually not too annoyed about it.

So I need 3 more dozen or something. I was going to make the cocoa nib espresso cookies in "Living" but I'd have to drive 45 minutes one way to buy cocoa nibs. Unless I pick them up on the way to go dancing tonight. I'm tempted to have Mr Bear wait in the car as I run into Whole Foods in manhattan. It would almost be worth it just for the look on his face. [smirk]

OK, time to get ready for the White family Thanksgiving dinner.
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I cut this since I'm sure you're all tired of it by now. ;-)

Snapfish screwed up my Xmas postcards so I'm trying to get them redone - which sucks since it puts me back behind schedule. Oh well, the ones they sent are weirdly cropped.

to do list )
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I was on the Mr Potato Head balloon yesterday. Apparently, Mr Potato Head is the new spokes potato for the National Potato Board. That's why he's "Healthy" Mr Potato Head. They flew in potato farmers to man the balloon...and that's where it all started to go wrong.

This was a new balloon designed like a giant sail (stupid). When it's a little windy you have to run through intersections with the balloon. Yesterday was pretty windy. These folks, though nice, seemed to think "run" meant "walk faster". They also seemed to be unable to respond to directions quickly or to walk in straight lines. Not all of them but enough to make it more difficult (and scary) than it needed to be.

The guy in front of me unreeled line every time the balloon pulled so his line was dragging behind him at points. The captains would admonish him and make him reel it in but then he'd spool it out again. As we entered Times Square he turned to me and said "the road really widens up some here", which made my day.

Mr Potato Head would run his hand along scaffolding or through trees (not good) and his lower foot (when it wasn't trying to knock me over or step on me) would come down toward the crowds. A few of the crew would push it back up. The wind would catch him in intersections and then caused him to swing back and forth as we walked down the street.

Before the parade started my Mom and I snuck onto Santa sleigh and took a picture. I hope it comes out. ;-)

then I went to my Aunt's for Thanksgiving dinner which was fun. I renamed all the kids with Drag Queen or Drag Kind Names. Though the kids thought it was funny to call Jessica "Anita Notherbisquit" the adults weren't amused. Not that that stopped us from doing it all day...

I'm waiting for the first coat of primer to dry on the front of the gingerbread men. I'm hoping it's thick enough that I can just paint then already. the back took two coats (the black branding was printed on the foam). I'm going to go food shopping for the cookies after applying the next coat.

Mr Bear and his Mom got up at 4Am this morning to go shopping. They're crazy! ;-)
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I'm off to the parade - if you happen to be watching and see the Mr. Potato Head balloon, know it's my Mom and I out there in the rain trying to keep it from blowing away. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!
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We're bring dessert so I need to figure out what will travel well and shop
Make dessert off the hook as Mr Bear's Mom is making him a birthday cake
Get gloves for parade
Pack up registration sheet, etc.
Get disposable camera

NJGMC Holiday Concerts
Pick out cookie recipes and shop
Bake and "deliver" cookies by Nov. 28th
Get "family outing" together and buy tickets for holiday concert waiting for call back
Volunteer to work door and usher other concert(s)

Test glue for Gingerbread men
Finish assembling outdoor gingerbread men
Primer gingerbread men
Paint gingerbread men
Get "big gift" for Maddy
Finish Mr Bear shopping
Wrap gifts already purchased
Wrap rest of gifts
Figure out gift wrap "garnish"
Ribbon and "garnish" gifts
Decorate house
Decorate tree
Outing to the tree and ice skating? Unsilent Night Instead!
Make cards
Order sample card
Proof and order Xmas cards
Check address list
Get postage for cards
Address cards
Send cards
Figure out gift bags/kid snacks for "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

New Years
Make reservation
Get ticket
Schedule dog sitter

Get Jaime something for her birthday
Study for Imaging quiz
Study for Positioning Quiz
Do Imaging Homework
Meet with contractor - just left 12 PM


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