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That song is stuck in my head this morning. I'm poking around on line doing research on places that throw "children's parties". The whole thing boils down to the size of the place and pricing at this point, neither of hich are my strong points. I'm trying to be helpful/useful in the process but money and numbers just make me anxious and very pessimistic. Give me a budget and some limitations and I can work magic, but figuring out what the budget should be and if it works over the long term is something else entirely.

So far, what we're planning is different enough from what's out there to find a market. I really think we could do well with it, but the figuring out of profitability and pricing aren't fun. It's the part of toy design I was the worst at, largely because I'm so disinterested/adverse to it. It's something I need to get over if I'm going to get anywhere with this adventure.

Most places that offer a theme give the kids a themed game or two, a few props and themed goody bags. We're talking about an entire themed environment. It's more like having your birthday in the middle of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride than being handed an eye patch with your pizza (which is what the other places seem to offer).

I'm also looking for a sewing pattern for a army BDU shirt, with epaulets if possible in a woman's 24. I'm afraid that's going to be my first attempt at pattern drafting in a VERY LONG TIME.

last night we watched "Munich", which was excellent and amazingly apolitical, and "Running Scared", which was really cool.

Ok, time to get back on the trail of my would be competitors.


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