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I took it this morning and got an 85.97%! Wahoo! I'm excited and relieved. I have the state registry on Wednesday but that's (allegedly) a good deal easier than this one. :-)

I think I'm going to go to the beach. Tonight I'm going to see "Harry Potter" to celebrate.

Go me. :-)
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I've been writing this stupid paper for nearly 5 hours and it's AWFUL. Granted, it's the last one and it doesn't really matter what i get as long as it's above a D, but still.... Now I'm going to study for Physics.  I am SO GLAD this semester is almost over.  I need a vacation.  And cold weather so I can wear my fake fur hat.
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I hate this English paper. I am so over everything I set out to say months ago when I started it. I don't even find the topic or the film interesting anymore. My sources are like irritating house guests repeating the same opinions over and over.... It's due tomorrow and there is nothing I wouldn't rather do than read it again and make a final draft to hand in tomorrow.


Nov. 19th, 2006 05:15 pm
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I just wrote the lamest English paper ever. What's worse is I still have to write my big, final paper and it's going to be lame. It's the number of citations they require. 15 citations in a 7 - 10 page paper is too much. the entire paper is like one big citation. UGH. Never the less, I'm just going to write it as requested.

But first I'm going to get my Psych homework done and clean the bathrooms. Priorities and all...
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I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, if anything, but I'm hording them. There is a little pile of them accumulating in the "lab". I keep one by the computer so I can make PA announcements for Gypsy while I'm working on something. She likes that. [smirk]

not much else to say. I'm making mad headway on Christmas shopping for the kids and getting my final papers/projects done. they papers/projects are do a week from Monday. If I can do well enough on them, I can coast through finals. I won't but the knowledge that i could vastly reduces my stress.

My back hurts from wearing lead all day in the OR. I actually liked the OR, which is a change. I spent two days up there when I was at Perth (actually is was only three cases so it was about 5 hours total) and was bored. Brick is much busier.

OK, I'm going to finish gift wrapping before I head to work. I'm going to "hide" Cole's snowboard and just put a bow on it. I'm not that crazed with wrapping things.

I almost forgot to mention the Elvis Christmas Fabric I saw last night. I was tempted to buy some for kicks but was too disturbed by the fact that there was only about a yard left on the bolt.


Jun. 22nd, 2006 12:38 pm
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Our professor said she would grade our exams right away so we checked after lunch and I got a 96. I have no idea how. It was funny because all of us who checked were 10 to 20 points over where we thought we were. I still don't feel like I understand it but, apparently, I can regurgitate enough of it to seem competent. ;-)

I called my sisters and canceled for the parade as it's supposed to pour. they both were going to call me for the same reason but were hesitating. Tracey said she didn't want to cancel because she was sure I had already done the costumes. I nearly finished the ones I had fabric for but that's OK. Who wants to drive kids an hour to put them back in the car (wet) to drive back home again? Besides it totally circumvents the brother in law drama. Yeah, I'm totally a jerk.

It looks like rain so i'm trying to wrap up so loose ends around the house today. I had thought Mr Bear came home tonight but he doesn't get home until tomorrow. :-( Maybe I'll go to the movies later to celebrate the end of the semester.
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I just took my final. Now I have three weeks off. :-)

This semester flew by and I really never felt like I had a handle on the material. I only needed a 45% to pass so I'm not worried about failing. I am a little disappointed and concerned that I don't really have a good understanding of the material as I go into clinic in a few weeks.

It's weird to know I won't see most of my class mates for two months. When we come back in three weeks, it'll just be me, Jeff, katie and Big Frank at the hospital. I'm so used to seeing everyone else it's a little sad/weird.

This break couldn't come soon enough though. I am really burnt out. I'm hoping the time out of the classroom will recharge my batteries and in the fall semester school will be engaging again.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Carla and Rose and the some of the other kids to finish the exam so we can do our celebratory lunch.
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Today is the first day of classes for Spring. There's going to be a few new faces as we had some drop outs and a few who transferred. I have Anatomy at night this semester (ICK) and tonight is the first class and it's lab. I hope they don't expect us to dive right into something intense. I hope it's a good professor.

Speaking of professors - they're shuffled in the program this semester so we have the professors we had for one class for two or three and the one we were used to for one. That will be interesting.

Off I go. :-)
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We took the kids to see the Tree in Rockefeller Center and then dinner followed by "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" on Saturday. Six and a half kids. At once. Two of the kids weren't feeling well and one of them started vomiting on the way home. You know I'm sick today with a head cold. Children are like petri dishes with legs. ;-)

The kids had a great time, as did Mr Bear and I. When we delivered the kids to their respective parents we were teased about not wanting kids anymore. I said we just didn't want 7 of them and then mentioned that we handed out goodie bags on the ride home so the kids were properly sugared up at 11 PM. Of course, their parents were hugely appreciative. [smirk]

Sunday I studied a little and spent a good deal of the day running errands and lying about the house. Since I wasn't feeling too great, I skimped on studying (an hour and a half in the morning) and took my chances on the Anatomy final this morning. I think I did OK. I got my grade on the lab final (83!) which was 20 points higher than I expected so I have a nice cushion for the lecture final exam's grade. :-)

So, now I'm a free man. :-)

I trimmed our tree and vegged on the sofa with Miss Darla and Miss Gypsy most of the afternoon. I'm still really congested but at least I'm not exhausted. Tomorrow is another stay at home and rest day then I've got some errands and stuff for Christmas.

I am relieved the semester is over and pretty proud of how well I did. The hope is that the confidence built in this semester makes me less frantic in the next. That and a lighter schedule. :-)

OK, time to throw some laundry in.

Things I Am Grateful For
Mr Bear
Curling ribbon
Having enough
Colored Christmas lights
Ornaments with memories attached
The big tree is gone :-)
Getting some free time and a few fun projects to work on
Halloween and A Half 2006 is taking shape

Things I Want Today
Good Hot Chocolate
New flannel pajamas
A puppet theater


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