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Last year wasn't all bad - there are a few things I had more of last year that I definitely want even more of this year.

I want to spend more time with people who challenge and inspire me as well as people who make me laugh and generally feed my soul.

I want to get even better about setting boundaries with people and protecting them. I want to spend more time expanding/testing my limits.

I want more adventure, more wonder and to see more "wild flowers" in unexpected places. I want to be a wild flower.

I want more time with the kids. I want better relationships with them. I want them to come to our house more.

I want to make more money. I want to pay off my debt. I want to save some.

I want more time with Mr Bear where we don't have to do anything or be anywhere. I want to try to show how much I love him more often and better.

I want more of my life to be about what I want and need and to be less about commitments and obligations.

I want to do even more creative stuff. I want to try more things that I have no idea how they'll turn out.

I want to be more comfortable in my body. I want to shape my body so it's more comfortable doing the things I want to do.


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