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Mr Bear, my Uncle Artie and Me Mr Bear, my Uncle Artie and Me
Mr Bear and I were "Thing One" and "Thing Two" for "The Cat in the Hat". One of the guys came as The Cat in The Hat, so that was cool. I hope to post more about what happened the the Storybook Slalom tomorrow or Tuesday, but I wanted to get the pictures up before the madness of the week began. The house is the most trashed it's ever been. I mean dive bar on Sunday trashed - sticky floors and all. We got up early and have been cleaning all day. mr Bear finally passed out about an hour and a half ago.

I haven't had a chance to crop or adjust any of the photos. These were all from a pre-party run through so I was mostly clicking and running but I'm glad I finally remembered to take pictures.

The Secret Room was The Little Mermaid )
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As we did final prepping I ran threw and took some pictures of the decorations (for a change).
Cut due to insane images )
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I'm uploading images so I ca print them upstairs. They're scanned pages from books that will hang from balloons in the kitchen.

Time was so limited I'm not really doing much exciting/interesting/challenging with the food. I'm disappointed but sane. Actually, I think this is the most relaxed I've ever been before a party. Which isn't to say I'm all that relaxed.

Megan surprised me and popped up this morning. She caught a red eye to be here - how cool is that? I haven't seen her in a year and am totally stoked she's here.

OK, time to get back to work. I am so taking pictures before anyone gets here this year.


Mar. 15th, 2006 09:50 am
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I've finished my original house "To Dos" (except the front railing - it's too windy). I have some random stuff I want to get done in between fun and party projects.

Any day you can check "buy another tiara" off your "To Do" list is an OK day. ;-)

Cubby and I went to see "Ultraviolet". It was disappointing, not bad but somehow just not engaging. Cubby said it first so it wasn't just me. I was looking forward to it so I'll have to get my sci fi kick ass fix someplace else. I had a Cherry Slurpee at the movie and Twizzlers so I would have sat through pretty much anything, but it was a little fun. Hopefully "V for Vendetta" is better.

Did I mention "Happy Ass"? Somehow on our night out Saturday Cubby's ass started having timed events like a bar - "Open Ass" and "Happy Ass - with lube specials all night!". It still cracks me up.

Party To Dos )
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Things to Do: House
Laundry - in progress
Cancel Tanning letter sent
Register for Summer 1 classes
Switch insurance card in car
Sort out 401K issue
Call Toyota
Prime/Paint new sheet rock in Living Room
  • Sponge buff plaster
  • Paint wall (I'm leaving the ceiling for later as I want to do the whole thing)
    Paint railing on front stairs (if I have time and it's nice out)

    It's Spring Break and I'm hoping to power out a lot of party prep this week. Hopefully, I'll make a good dent in what we need/want to get done and still have a free afternoon or two of non-party fun.

    Party To Dos )
    Undated : Now with room by room OCD!
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    Party Stuff )

    My sewing is where it was mid high school, which isn't good. All the fine crafting I learned in college seems gone now. I'm not just rusty - I'm retarded. Hopefully, it'll come back with practice. Granted, it doesn't help that my sewing machine makes the work table bounce.

    Off to school.
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    I've been overpaying my 401K loan for a while (not a lot but it adds up) and I thought it was almost finished because my payment book was almost out of coupons. I got all hyped on having paid off my only debt (aside from my car and the new school loans) only to call the automated system and find out there's a bigger chunk left than I thought. I might be able to swing it - I have to figure it out.

    I hate owing money - oddly it's the having to remember to make the payment that annoys me the most.

    I've been stalling on working on stuff for the party and I've realized it's because I'm really not all about the first project I have lined up - "Alice". I'll have to figure out what needs to change there, but I'm going to start on other stuff in the interim.

    The Mermaid/Merman fixation continues. It's occurred to me that if I was a famous painter, history books would refer to my "Gladiator Period", "my Stripper/Go-go Period" and my "Mermaid Period" which would be more amusing in lectures than the color/obtuse theory period names.

    Did you know there's a fetish for men underwater?

    I'm hungry.


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