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For the past few years my Mom and I have been balloon handlers in the parade. It's fun, but more importantly, this is the thing my Mom and I do together. Everything else involves a crowd. It's something we alone share between us and I think that's immensely cool.

Every year my Aunt has my Dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving Dinner. They eat about an hour after the parade ends - about the time I'm emerging from the Lincoln Tunnel. Each year she tries to guilt me for not going there for dinner. It doesn't seem to matter that I've been up since 4:30 AM and am all sweaty or that Mr BEar is still at our house, an hour in the opposite direction. Each year I politely decline. Repeatedly. This year I got a little snarky about it.

Mr Bear and his Mon spend Thanksgiving at our house. His Dad and brother go hunting and Thanksgiving is their time together. They cook and plan their early hour Black Friday assault. I come home, shower and eat with them. Occasionally, Mr Bear's brother's girl friend will eat with us. It's low key and wonderful.

Mr Bear's family is insanely small and rather quiet compared to my loud, argumentative Italian brood. His mother has no interest in driving an hour North to eat dinner with a house full of very loud people. It's totally not an issue for me - this is their Mother-Son thing and it's cool. Actually, it's totally kizmet that it's the same day (so I'm not ditching a holiday with US, if you know what I mean).

I know, I'm venting but I'm just tired of my family, who come here twice a year, acting like I'm such a bad person for not driving up there for every birthday/holiday/invite. It's terrible to say but it was so much easier when I was in LA and no one expected me to be around. Yes, I missed them but really - enough with the guilt.

So, um.... let the Holiday Insanity begin.
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Mr Bear and I went up to my parents for the day. I forgot my wallet and cell phone so I'm taking tomorrow off ot go back up to get them. Shore traffic would have turned the one and a half hour trip up there into a Hell of a lot more than I'm prepared to deal with.

I had a great time playing with the kids. Sweet Pea is starting to walk. :-) Her new leg braces look like sandals when she has pants on - they're pink and the straps are white with pink and purple hearts on them. Mackenzie worries me - she's taking her parents' splitting and the other family drama hard in that in direct way little kids do. She's become desperately clingy. She has always hung on me but now she does it like she's scared. The upside to getting my wallet tomorrow is I'll be able to have lunch with her.

Kaylee is coming out of her shell and has a smile that lights up everything around her. If I could give her anything it would be to keep that. We were playing "shark" in the lake. Kaylee decided she was going to be "it" and yelled "Shark!" with her hands up like claws in front of her. By the end of the afternoon she got the whole making a fin thing but her cat/shark cracked me and her sister up. Cole didn't want to play in the water with us. He's an amazingly delicate and serious kid (not that I wasn't at his age). At some point a random kid climbed on my back. He played with us for a bit and then wandered off.

Last night we saw Kiki and Herb, who were hysterical. We went with Mike and Tom and Greg. Dinner before was at Ta Cocina and had this great drink called a "Frida Kahlo". It was a really fun night.


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