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Things I Love
  1. My home
  2. The ocean and jetties
  3. Fireworks once a week in the summer and bonfires in the fall :-)
  4. The small town, way liberal vibe in the winter
  5. The melting pot/anything goes sense of community

Things I Hate really Dislike (Hate's a strong word)
  1. The neighborhood dividing line and the weird inability of people to see things on the other side of Asbury Avenue.
  2. That the parking meters are now enforced year round.
  3. The way the tone and attitude of town changes in the summer.
  4. Summer People - not all of them but most. You've allegedly come here to relax so drop the attitude and relax already.
  5. School Board Drama
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The first cut
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I mowed my lawn for the first time today. I need the plumber (again) because the old drain won't coime out of the trap. I guess it's rusted in. I also have to take part of the floor up agin. That sucks.

It's super frustrating.

So I did thew things I COULD do. It is glorious out. I raked the couple hundred black walnuts up and then mowed the lawn. i bought an old "reel mower" off craigslist. It needs to be sharpened but it works pretty well. I'm not a perfect lawn guy - if I was this thing would make me insane.

Now I'm going through mail and chilling. All in all a good day.


Nov. 18th, 2009 09:06 pm
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I picked up my kitchen cabinet. :-) The guy giving it away was sweet. We bonded briefly over buying older houses and the mystery of the "rolling floor" (where the floor settles with peaks where the beams are - you don't see it but you feel it).

When I got home I cracked the window and smudged my house. It was time to send some folks on to brighter lands.

Then I cut into the cabinet so it'll sit over the plumbing left from the washer. Tomorrow night I'll patch the wall behind it and pick up a countertop and two 2x4s. I need to frame a support for the counter as it travels into the void in the corner between the counter and the stove.

Baby K is coming for the weekend and has already expressed her disappointment that I do not have bunk beds. She's 7 and I fear her visiting this weekend more than taking my sister's Golden for a week or my Mom coming this weekend. Baby K tells you how it is. She also tells anyone else present. She has no filter which I find hysterical and terrifying. It's probably because she's a Ginger.

I got a call from the insurance inspector today asking a few questions and he asked repeatedly if I was living here. This isn't extraordinary - the assumption seems to be that if you buy in this neighborhood you're a slum lord. Then my insurance agent called and told me the letter they send to verify residency was returned as "vacant". This has happened to a few people recently (at Boy brunch Sunday, Senor Ed handed me a card he had sent me that was returned), but I do occasionally get mail, including my change of address confirmation. Tomorrow I am going into work late so I can go to the post office and make sure they know I'm living here. My insurance agent is resending the letter. Hopefully, this'll be the last of the "returned as vacant" issues.

Things I Am Grateful For
Having enough
My house, it makes me smile every time I walk up the path to it
Gypsy and her unwavering if ill fated pursuit of the housefly
Freecycling and the "free" section of Craiglslist
I'm getting my hair cut Tuesday
Weirdly not being overly self conscious at chorus rehearsal when I was the only Tenor 2
TV crushes
Friends who make me laugh

Things I Want Today
A malted milkshake
A sleeve tattoo


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