Sep. 20th, 2011 10:21 pm
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Work is sucking with one bright spot. I had a Sarbannes Oxley compliance audit today and got 100%. That is a good news and a relief but I was too stressed out to really revel in it.

After work I went to the dog beach, walked about with Mr Mooney and then ehaded home. I stopped and made a tentative reservation for dinner for my birthday (I don't have a head count yet).

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This past week end, I hade a software deployment, spent Saturday with Baby K at the Camden Aquarium training the seals.

There is this weird thing with the kids - when ever one of them gets in my back seat it is like a therapy session. On the drive down we covered why there is disease and cancer, the difference between Japanese and Chinese people (as in they aren't the same), why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima and divorce. It is pretty amazing what kids parrot from adults and the questions they have running around in their heads. I'm flattered they trust me to try and give them answers.

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I was sick Sunday. :-( Full week end.

I need some down time, I think.

I'm watching "The Dirty Dozen". Great movie.

Things I Am Grateful For
My Audit pass and the internal support folks who helped me get it
Having enough
The ability to share things like this with the kid posse
How cute Gypsy is when she sleeps with her paws tucked in
The ability to share experiences with the kid posse
Knowing I am not my job
Cool nights that are good for sleeping

Things I Want Today
For my back to stop hurting


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